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210 – Charity is Good Business – with Michael Green

Professional Auctioneer, Travel Consultant and Charity Consultant Michael Green of Michael Green Auctions joins Trade Show University today to discuss why having a charitable component to your business is Good Business!

In this episode – Part 1 of a 2-part series on Charity in your Business – Michael and I discuss implementing a charitable part of your business, and he gives a 7-step framework on selecting the right charity or non-profit organization to align with.

  1. Make sure the Charity’s values align with yours
  2. Do your Due Diligence and Research the non-profit options
  3. Evaluate the Charity’s impact
  4. Review their Financials
  5. Consider their other Partnerships
  6. Determine overall compatibility between the non-profit and your organization
  7. Have your Team be part of the selection process

Resources and other Organizations mentioned in the podcast:

Connect with Michael:

About the author, Jim

Jim Cermak has over 30 years of exhibiting, planning and working trade shows. As a Professional Trainer, he helps companies transform their results at trade shows, expos, events and conferences.

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