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Get Your PhD in ROI!

TRADE SHOW UNIVERSITY is here to help you get better results from your Trade Shows, Conferences and Expos!  With over 25+ years of trade show experience, plus the amazing experiences of notable industry experts, we will feature info on topics which will help you really move the needle and Crush Your Show Goals!

Jim Cermak – your podcast host and “Professor” – loves trade shows and gets a little overly excited talking about them!  He understands and admits it’s not normal, but this passion led to creating the podcast.

“I know how much time, money, energy and resources go into planning and exhibiting.  In most cases it really doesn’t take any more effort to do the right things and get better results,” claims Jim Cermak.  “I started this podcast because I want companies to stop setting for average or below average results.  I want companies to win and get excited about trade shows again!”

Trade Show University is geared toward small- to medium-sized businesses in a B2B setting that exhibit, plan, work and attend everything from huge trade shows and conferences all the way down to local business expos and trade fairs.  However businesses of all sizes, including those marketing to consumers can benefit and find value.

So if you are in marketing, sales, advertising, or even a small business owner or solopreneur, you are in the right place!

Listen in and Get Your PhD in ROI!!!

Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep 049 – 4 Critical Things for Improved Virtual Event Results – Plus a Bonus!

September 21, 2020

As you transition from Live Trade Shows and Events to Virtual Events and Webinars, are you frustrated with the lack of results and ROI you’re experiencing? Here are 4 Critical things you must do, shift, and focus on to see your results be maximized!!(1) Higher Your Expectations and Change Your Mindset! Changing your mindset is…

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Ep 048 – Top Tips for Using Video in Marketing & Virtual Events – with Flex Media

September 7, 2020

FOR THE SPECIAL VIDEO TIPS OFFER – Visit: ——————————————- NOTE: The transcription below is from an automated transcription service. I apologize in advance for any errors. On the podcast today are Kathie Zipp and Bill Baraona, owner of Flex Media. Kathie is a writer and producer with Flex Media with a decade of trade, publishing and marketing…

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Ep 047 – Tips from Display Builder that Pivots to Virtual Displays – with Adam Sublett

August 31, 2020

Adam Sublett is an Account Manager at Benchmark Craftsmen – a trade show display builder that has been working with some of the largest brands in the US for decades. Adam talks about pivoting for survival during this pandemic. Adam started full time at Benchmark in 2007, but has always been involved in the industry…

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"Jim's experience and passion shine through!  Plus he has amazing topics, tips and guest speakers designed to help you optimize your trade show experience and improve your bottom line."

Deborah Wasylko, President
Baskets Galore,

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About me and my podcast

I love Trade Shows and get a little overly excited talking about them!  So this is not your typical business podcast.

I have over 25 years of marketing, training and consulting experience, and have planned and exhibited in hundreds of trade shows.

Here's the deal - I want companies to Win!  So I'm going to bring value with every episode.  Trade Show University will become a valueable resource for you and your business.