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252 – AI & VR can Revolutionize Trade Shows – with Danny Stefanic

June 24, 2024

So if you’ve been wondering about AI, you’ve been wondering about the metaverse and what it all means for our events and our trade shows, listen to this episode.Danny Stefanic is CEO and Founder of the Hyperspace Metaverse Platform. He is renowned for creating the world’s first metaverse and is considered a pioneer in the…

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Turning Trade Shows Upside-Down with The UnConference – Vincent Pugliese

May 20, 2024

We’re about to turn the trade show world upside down. I am honored to have on a phenomenal guest today who is an author, speaker, and the founder of Total Life Freedom, where he helps people time and money freedom in their life. And today has started Membership Freedom where he’s helping businesses develop memberships…

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250 – How and Why FRANCHISES should use Trade Shows – with Susie Liberatore

April 15, 2024

If you are a franchise, a franchisor or a franchisee, you’re in the right place today. Especially if you’ve been looking to figure out how to get better at marketing and trade shows. Jim Cermak, trade show consultant and founder of Trade Show University is pleased to interview Susie Liberatore, who is the owner of…

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"Jim's experience and passion shine through!  Plus he has amazing topics, tips and guest speakers designed to help you optimize your trade show experience and improve your bottom line."

Deborah Wasylko, President
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About me and my podcast

I love Trade Shows and get a little overly excited talking about them!  So this is not your typical business podcast.

I have over 25 years of marketing, training and consulting experience, and have planned and exhibited in hundreds of trade shows.

Here's the deal - I want companies to Win!  So I'm going to bring value with every episode.  Trade Show University will become a valueable resource for you and your business.