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Get Better Results for your Virtual & Live Events!

The TRADE SHOW UNIVERSITY Podcast is here to help you get better results from your VIRTUAL & LIVE Trade Shows, Conferences and Expos!  

Every episode is like a Master Class in improving your shows.  From powerful Tips and Insights, to amazing Industry Experts sharing their knowledge, you WILL get great value from Trade Show U!

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Ep 114 – Creating Memorable Experiences with Lynn Edwards

September 20, 2021

With all the exhibits at a trade show, how do people remember your exhibit? Create a memorable experience and you will stand out! To talk about this topic is Lynn Edwards, owner of Proper Planning! Lynn brings over 30 years and a wealth of experience to event management. Lynn and her team provide a comprehensive…

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Ep 113 – Marketing 101 for Trade Shows with Bryan Lefelhoc

September 13, 2021

Trade Shows and Events can be a big part of the Marketing mix for a lot of companies. And Marketing plays a HUGE part in the success of your shows! So in this episode, we bring in a lot of Marketing basics you need to consider. Joining me on the podcast to share in all…

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Ep 112 – Champion-level Success by Mastering the Basics

September 9, 2021

Teams win Championships by being better at the Basics than everyone else. And your company can WIN your Trade Show by Mastering the Basics! If you really focus you and your team on getting back to the basics, you can achieve Champion-level Success! So what are the Basics of Trade Shows?  The basics are the…

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"Jim's experience and passion shine through!  Plus he has amazing topics, tips and guest speakers designed to help you optimize your trade show experience and improve your bottom line."

Deborah Wasylko, President
Baskets Galore,

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About me and my podcast

I love Trade Shows and get a little overly excited talking about them!  So this is not your typical business podcast.

I have over 25 years of marketing, training and consulting experience, and have planned and exhibited in hundreds of trade shows.

Here's the deal - I want companies to Win!  So I'm going to bring value with every episode.  Trade Show University will become a valueable resource for you and your business.