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Publishing Your First Blog Post

Welcome to Podcast Websites, the all-in-one WordPress service just for podcasters. In this text post, Mark from Podcast Websites walks you through how to set up your first blog post / article.

What is a blog post / article and how does it fit into my website?

A blog post (also known as an article), in this context, is a text only post that is outside of your podcast episodes and that doesn’t appear in iTunes or any pod-catcher.

These posts are great for sharing text / image driven content that runs alongside your podcast and many of the World’s biggest podcasters run successful blogs as well as publishing their podcast shows.

Publishing a blog post

Publishing a blog post / article is very similar to publishing a podcast episode:

  1. Navigate to your website administration area
  2. Hover over “Writing”
  3. Click on “Create Blog/Article”.
  4. Add:
    • A title
    • The body of the article
    • Any body content images (“Add Media”) [optional]
    • A featured image [optional]
  5. Save Draft / Preview / Schedule / Publish the blog post / article

Two things worth knowing:

  1. Blog posts are chronological and display, usually, a such
  2. You can put blog posts into categories to group them into relevant topics, for example

Important note: be sure to delete this post when you’re finished with it.

Next steps: Publish your own first blog post by editing this post or creating a new one.

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