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Ep 139 – Motivational Design is Gamification with a Purpose – with Jeff Campbell

You have heard about Gamification, but have you heard about Motivational Design? Motivational Design is like gamification with a purpose – and will take your efforts to the next level!

Joining the podcast to talk all about why you need to consider Motivational Design is Jeff Campbell, the founder and CEO of Incentli. He helps event stakeholders increase ROI using gamification and motivational design strategies.

We discuss:

  • How to increase event engagement and exhibitor ROI using gamification and motivational design.
  • How do you define gamification and how are you seeing it being used in the event space?
  • What is motivational design and how can it help tradeshows?

Jeff’s Top Tips:

  • Event professionals – use gamification and motivational design strategies to increase engagement and ROI for all stakeholders
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors – become part of the motivational design framework and generate more leads

Jeff’s Top Takeaways:

Combining gamification and motivational design will:

1. Increase tradeshow registrations

2. Increase engagement

3. Increase exhibitor and sponsor ROI

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  • 10% Incentli discount if you mention you heard about us on this podcast.

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About the author, Jim

Jim Cermak has over 30 years of exhibiting, planning and working trade shows. As a Professional Trainer, he helps companies transform their results at trade shows, expos, events and conferences.

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