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Ep 129 – Top Tips for Attendees at Trade Shows – with M. Kevin Davis

Is there a way Attendees of Trade Shows, Conferences and Expos can get better results and ROI than others? YES!! And even if you are an exhibitor, at some point you may leave your booth and walk the show – at this point YOU are an ATTENDEE!!

Hear this special replay of the interview with Jim Cermak, the host of Trade Show University podcast joins M. Kevin Davis on the Quick Lube Expert podcast!

We discuss tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of every single show you attend!

Here are the show notes from the original episode…


James Cermak, host of the Trade Show University Podcast, joins M. Kevin Davis to discuss what you should do to prepare for a trade show or convention like iFLEX, as well as tips to help you make the most of the limited amount of time you have.

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About the author, Jim

Jim Cermak has over 30 years of exhibiting, planning and working trade shows. As a Professional Trainer, he helps companies transform their results at trade shows, expos, events and conferences.

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