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Ep 117 – Gamification at Trade Shows for Sponsors & Exhibitors – with Adam Haesler

In this episode we discuss how sponsors can use gamification to offer value and pre-qualify an attendee and sponsor match.

After being fired in 2017, Adam Haesler knew he needed to find his core values, like a life compass, which helped him find events! His core values are potential, which means continuous improvement, and community, helping each other pursue a collective potential. Today, Adam is Chief Experience Officer for Engamio, a Gamification company.

We also explore…

  • What is gamification?
  • What is the Zeigarnik Effect, and what does it have to do with gamification?
  • How will gamification help me get more leads?
  • A framework for using gamification to drive pre-qualified leads to sponsor landing pages
  • And much more!

Adam’s Top Tips:

  • Know the outcome you want to accomplish and work your way backward to the gamification, not the other way around.
  • Use gamification to provide value in the form of learning for attendees that they can use with or without your product or service. Wrap it all in a story to make it an experience!
  • Make sure the outcome is directly related to the learning the attendee will experience in the gamification.

How to Contact Adam Haesler and Engagio:




About the author, Jim

Jim Cermak has over 30 years of exhibiting, planning and working trade shows. As a Professional Trainer, he helps companies transform their results at trade shows, expos, events and conferences.

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