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Ep 074 – Tips & Trends #5 for crushing Virtual Event Results

You have found the right podcast to give you solid Tips for getting better engagement, smoother and more well run digital and virtual events, trade shows and webinars!

Episode 074 – Tips & Trends #5!

I want you to have your best year ever in 2021…AND you can win great prizes!

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Tip #1 – Use short segments

·       In past we were used to 40, 60, even 90 minute sessions

·       Your virtual audience can’t handle that much! Attention spans are shorter with so many distractions at home

·       15 min + short Q&A, or have multiple speakers talk for 10 min on a topic and end with panel Q&A

·       Break up sessions with creative breaks – quizzes, trivia, giveaways, musicians, exercise or yoga or more! Be creative – so many options out there. This segment can even be sponsored to make up some costs

Tip #2 – Stay on time with your agenda

·       respect your audience! Don’t go over or you’ll risk losing them.

·       Practice multiple times alone or with your team. Make sure you have your timing dialed in.

·       Day of event – watch your time!

·       Have q&a at end of your presentation. We may be tempted to watch the chat and answer some questions as they come in. But that can throw your timing way off and a chance you won’t get to all of your material or go over time.

·       Have someone dedicated to monitoring the chat.

#3 – Have backup plans for when tech goes wrong

·       Be ready to pivot

·       What will you do if one of your presenters can’t log in?

·       Understand all the parts of your event and your tech and discuss all possibilities ahead of time.

·       This will give you greater peace of mind and lead to a smoother, more engaging event.


Trend for more engaging and smoothly run Virtual Events is to pre-record your presentation and take live Q&A afterwards. 

·       First – pre-recording allows you to edit so it is the best it can be

·       Also allows you to include extras into the presentation like titles, cutaways, animation, music and more.

·       New tools are coming on to help make video editing easier in case you’re like me with zero experience at editing video, or you don’t have a video editor on staff, or you don’t want to pony up to use one.

·       One tool that currently is free and has amazing video and audio capabilities is Descript. I use it for audio but have seen some of the features for video editing and really powerful and simple!

·       Check out

·       Consider this method of pre-recorded video next time you are putting together a digital event, or if you are being asked to give a presentation.


Remember to get over to and let me know your brand or plan for 2021! Giving away some great prizes and swag!

About the author, Jim

Jim Cermak has over 30 years of exhibiting, planning and working trade shows. As a Professional Trainer, he helps companies transform their results at trade shows, expos, events and conferences.

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