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Ep 063 – 12 Tips for Healthy & Engaged Virtual Events – with Brittany Liberatore RDN

With Virtual Events, the world is sitting and staring at a computer screen. Now more than ever, we need solid tips for helping keep everyone healthy and engaged!

My guest is Brittany Liberatore, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Cleveland Ohio, CEO & Founder of Your Life Nutrition, and a Nutrition professor at Case Western Reserve University.

Episode 005 with Brittany –

Brittany’s top tips for Virtual Events:

1 – Keep your eyes healthy!

Being in front of a screen so much makes your eyes fatigued. So definitely keep your appointments with your eye doctor is to make sure that you are staying well in that regard.

2 – Have a plan for your day.

If you have no plan going into the day all of a sudden you’re just distracted by doing the laundry or doing things that are not necessarily a part of your to-do list during the day, its really easy for that time to fly by.

So try to map out your responsibilities for the day. I try and do this tonight before so I can really wake up and start getting at my to do list as soon as possible.

3 – Plan time for social media.

Social media is a huge distraction for me and maybe for you too. I found that carving out sometime during the day for brakes to check my social media for a set Of time is much better as opposed to opening up my social media every single time.

4 – Make time for movement!

Right now most of us are sitting all day. Im working behind a desk and a computer and especially if you on transition to working from home, you’re probably no longer walking down the hall to your co-workers office or walking to the break room or walking from the parking lot or around your building. So those ways that we were probably active before and getting steps in and just being you don’t getting up and moving during the day may not Be the case. You might be taking about 20 steps from your bedroom to your desk and sitting there all day long. So talk about packing on the pounds.

I start my day every day with a 20 to 30 minute walk. I wake up just a few minutes earlier in order to squeeze a saint before my Dave and get started so that I can help myself feel awake and energized and then I already know that I’ve gotten at least some activity in for the day since I spend a lot of my day sitting.

Maybe you’re able to carve out time in the morning or ride your lunch or maybe another break during the day or even after work to get in and work out or walk.

5 – Take advantage of free online resources and apps.

There are many different free resources online on there have been many apps out there and different online programs that will are offering free Fitness videos and different things like that. Google a free workout videos, or you can go on YouTube pretty much find any type of exercise your heart desires on there.

6 – Find an exercise you enjoy doing.

You will stick with something longer if you enjoy doing it!

7 – Utilize your technology.

Many devices like Fitbits and Apple watches have personal trainers and coaches built in that will coach you through a quick workout. I mean how awesome is that? You’ve already paid $200 for a Fitbit and there is like a little workout app on your on your actual device that can walk you through doing the work out.

8 – HYDRATE!!!

I cannot stress it enough. Don’t forget to hydrate. Its so crazy. How time goes past and I realize that I haven’t even drink much water for the day. I look at my water and I’m like I need to drink some so I try my best to fill up my water in the morning.

This is a pro tip that I teach my clients – habit stacking. Ill even try to pair checking my voicemails or check my emails with drinking sips of water. So its something you’re already doing during the day of checking your voicemails your emails and at that same time you pair that with drinking some water.

9 – Batch your meal prepping

Meal prep needs to be a part of your weekly routine. It does not have to be complicated. You don’t need to see you spending hours in the kitchen every week just in order to meal prep. Literally meal prep is a simple as having enough food for leftovers. Just make more. So really nobody wants to waste a lot of time the kitchen during their busy day. I found it So helpful. Did you batch cooking on the weekends or even one weeknight where I’m able to make several proteins and starches has some fruits and veggies readily available and cut up so I can Grab & Go with these items to heat them up easily to spend less time cooking every single day and taking my time and attention away from the important tasks that I have to get done.

10 – Have Healthy snacks available

Fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy snacks instead of the usual junk food.

11 – For your Virtual Events, make Health and Fitness a priority

I think companies who do make health and fitness a priority while hosting their event are definitely going to stand out. I think people really appreciate it even when you Are at an in-person trade show and maybe you’re sitting in on a seminar and they encourage you halfway through to get up and you know ticket to minute stretch break, right? We all appreciate that.

So carving out time even where maybe they have a personal trainer who does a five-minute exercise video, you know, something simple that people can do right at their desks teaching people different on desk or chair exercises. That would be super valuable.

I’ve had companies who have send me products ahead of time. So once I sign up for the event, they sent me some awesome stuff. I got a water bottle that has a company’s logo on it at a time. So just like we talked about staying well-hydrated during the day and I use this water bottle when I was taking part in the ritual trade show. So again putting the importance on your attendees health is awesome. And people remember that again, you are going to use something like water bottle well after your event and you know serves as an awesome marketing tool and that isn’t super expensive so on best lightweight can be easily shipped. Other ideas are stability balls, stretch bands, and exercise resistance bands.

11 – Offer Mindful breaks.

Have quick breaks with a wellness touch. Can be a quick workout, someone leading a meditation, or even a psychologist talking about mental health.

Brittany’s Top Takeaways:

#1 – Set yourself up for Success. Meal prepping and planning is a huge time-saver and could be one of the best ways for you to stay productive during the day. Make sure that you have your water nearby.

#2 – Make time for movement. We are sitting more than ever at home in front of a screen and not only is that not good for your body but also for your mind, so make some time to get active during the day even if its short chunks of time that you’re able to fit in during the day.

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How to contact Brittany:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest – @yourlifenutrition


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