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236 – NEVER do these 7 things at Your Trade Show Booth!

I’m going to give you 7 things which you should NEVER do at your booth – yet people commit these mistakes at every single trade show or expo! If you can avoid these, or change your habits, you will have more traffic and get more leads than ever!

NEVER do these 7 things:

  1. DON’T Use your phone – makes you unapproachable and seem disinterested in being there to serve the attendees
  2. DON’T Eat  – such a bad look! Not only messy, but can make it look like you don’t want to be bothered.
  3. DON’T Sit – again, this makes you appear that you don’t want to be bothered or are unapproachable. Try removing the chairs from your booth so you have no option but to stand!
  4. DON’T Be behind a table – never have a barrier between you and attendees. Have an open booth layout to invite people in!
  5. DON’T Stay in booth the whole time – get out and explore all the show has to offer!
  6. DON’T Be unprepared – please be prepared so you are best positioned to bring value to the attendees and your company!
  7. DON’T Launch into a lengthy pitch before asking questions to the attendee! This is the biggest offense and time-waster. Ask questions and qualify the attendee first before talking about your company, services and products.

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About the author, Jim

Jim Cermak has over 30 years of exhibiting, planning and working trade shows. As a Professional Trainer, he helps companies transform their results at trade shows, expos, events and conferences.

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