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213 – PRO TIP – Design your Booth like a Billboard, not a Brochure

Time to get people to stop at your booth instead of just walking past. One of the main reasons attendees just walk past booths of companies they don’t know is because they don’t know why they should stop.

Confusion is not a good marketing tactic!

When designing the graphics for your booth, think of it like a billboard, not a brochure.

But not just any billboard – an effective and memorable billboard!

  • When you pass a billboard you have a split second to capture the message. To be effective, it must be clear, concise and memorable.  You either got it or you didn’t.
  • Effective graphics that tell a story or show what you do
  • Minimal words that tell why or Benefit Statement
  • Clear Call to Action

Ever saw a billboard that has…

  • Too many words?
  • Confusing pictures?
  • One you didn’t know the company or product?
  • One that didn’t have a location, phone number or website? At least not large enough to read at 60 mph?

What happens?  You don’t remember it!

What I see all too often at trade shows are booth graphics that are more like a brochure.  3 or 4 panels that have a million words on it and would take you 5 minutes to read it all.

Plus they use confusing industry jargon and acronyms

Too many exhibitors think I have to tell them everything or else they won’t know what we do!

Instead, the attendees just walk past like they’re driving on the freeway, not knowing what you do or being too overwhelmed by your graphics and wording.

Some tips when designing your Booth or Exhibit:

  • Clear, concise, and minimal graphics
  • Minimal words that quickly tell what you do or your overt benefit
  • No jargon or acronyms – assume attendees are brand new to the industry and don’t know what the terms or acronyms mean.

Now think of the speed you go through a trade show.  You don’t have time to stop at every booth, nor do you want to.  You see your booth, but never heard of the company. 

Would you stop at your booth?  If not, why not?  Pick it apart and tweak it!

If you would stop at it, have others inside and outside your company go through the same exercise.  Sometimes we’re too close to it to see the changes that need to be made.

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About the author, Jim

Jim Cermak has over 30 years of exhibiting, planning and working trade shows. As a Professional Trainer, he helps companies transform their results at trade shows, expos, events and conferences.

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