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Ep 041 – GO LIVE TOGETHER – How industry leaders are trying to save jobs and economic impact

Go Live Together is a critical and growing initiative which has the potential of over $1 Trillion in Economic Impact, plus positively impacting literally millions of jobs around the world who are part of what they are calling the Live Events Ecosystem.

Honored to have these 3 leaders as my guests today Cathy Breden (CEO of CEIR), Sue Sung (SVP of Corporate Strategy at Freeman), and David DuBois (CEO of IAEE).

Episode 007 – What should your staff Wear in the Trade Show Booth?

Episode 007 – What to Wear at Your Booth In this Episode, we’ll be discussing what you and your team should be wearing at your booth when working a trade show. Yes – what you wear DOES make a difference in your branding and results! ·       Yes, having a plan for what you wear at your trade…