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Episode 008 – New Years Resolutions for Trade Shows

Episode 008 – New Years Resolutions for Trade Shows

New Years Resolutions for Trade Shows? Really? YES!! Resolve to make 2020 the best year ever for your shows! 

·       2019 is in the books, and I hope it was a good year for you personally and professionally.

·       Celebrate and remember the highs, take the lessons and memories from the lows and keep moving forward. 

·       I want you to Make 2020 the year you commit to expect more and get more from each and every trade show. Raise the bar! 

·       But focus is key. If you have too many things you are trying to accomplish, chances are you won’t do any of them as well as you could. 

·       Here are just 4 Resolutions for your trade shows in 2020

o  1st Resolution – Take shows seriously. Act like it’s your own money being spent on the show. If you were footing the bill, would you take it more seriously? And if you’re a small business owner, it is your money! Don’t forget what your time’s worth. That should go in your calculation. 

§ Also don’t procrastinate. Don’t put things off. Give yourself the time needed to set goals, strategize and plan for success.

§ Don’t assume your staff is good enough and doesn’t need training. Assume they know nothing and train them so you can hit your goals.

§ If you’re the leader and responsible for the show – act like it! Take charge. Make things happen. Take it seriously.

o  2nd Resolution – Don’t get bogged down in the details. Make results your focus! Yes the details are important, but strategizing for results and ROI is MORE important. We can tend to spend so much time on all the little details for the show. Of course all of these are important, but they often overshadow goal setting and training your staff to maximize results!

o  3rd Resolution – Improve at least one part of your booth, display or staff show efforts with each new show. Make a commitment to improve at least one thing for each show. Don’t just do the same things over and over every time. No matter how good your results, you can always improve! So keep focusing on improvement and trying new things – at least one new thing for each show.

o  4th Resolution – Keep your staff accountable. Your people should never just be allowed to show up at a trade show, work and then go back to life. 

§ Each person should be responsible for different things and have their own goals to hit – and this includes you! 

§ There should be no confusion as to their responsibilities, and there should be clear follow up after the show – and possibly even during the show (depending on what’s being measured). Remember – what gets measured gets accomplished! 

§ Keep your team accountable and they will deliver!

·       So there you go! Take those Resolutions and make them your own, and 2020 will absolutely rock for you!  You will crush your show goals!

·       I want to hear from you! What are your resolutions going to be for this year? Head over to our Facebook or LinkedIn page and leave a post, or even message me, or shoot me an email to

o  I hope you are seriously going to be making some changes and committing to making your shows in 2020 the best ever!  

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