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Ep 035 – Answering YOUR Questions! It’s Listener Q&A #2!

Ep 035 – Answering Listener Questions #2!

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Question #1 – I’ve only exhibited at one show, and got few legitimate leads. I don’t think I want to try again.

o  Did you have any specific goals, and a way you were going to reach those goals? If not, this is where you need to start. You have to have a plan, and You get what you measure! 

o  Were you at the right show? Many times we pick the wrong show with the wrong audience and we do end up wasting valuable time and money.

o  If you had the right show, and had set goals, then time to look at you and your staff. Were you engaging? Did you do what it took to engage with the right attendees?

o  If you have questions like this – send me an email at so I can help!


Question #2 – I have exhibited at several Senior Expos and Health Fairs? Seems like this is just a trick or treat for attendees and they don’t want to learn about what we offer – they just want the free stuff and don’t feel they need what we offer. What would you recommend?

·       Every show definitely has its share of trick or treaters. That’s ok – just let them have your stuff! 

·       But make them work for it! I will get you our giveaway, but you have to answer one question: Qualify them!

·       There are three ways to get people’s attention:

o  Emotion

o  Logic

o  Fear – this may be the way to go


Question #3 – Often difficult to get in front of the right contact. Waste so much time in the follow up.

·       This is a great question, and I’m sure most if not all of us have experienced this.

·       After the show you’re excited to follow up with the people you met at the show and you get “Not interested” or “I’m going to have to run this past my boss.”

o  Make sure they are the decision maker or part of the decision making process

o  One simple question at the show will help you.

o  Ask – where do you fall in the decision making process? This is much better than asking “Are you the decision maker” because they may not want to admit that they aren’t.

o  Their options may be I’m the lone decision maker, I’m part of a decision making team, I’m gathering information for the decision makers, I’m not part at all.

o  If they answer I’m gathering information or I’m not part, then ask – who is the person I need to speak to?

·       So the best way to get in front of the right contact is to ask the attendee if they are the right contact, or who that contact is. 

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