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Ep 033 – Top 8 Tips for Efficiency & Effectiveness at Shows

Episode 033 – Top 8 Tips for Efficiency and Effectiveness

You want to get more leads, more sales, do more demos? Then get more efficient!!

1.    Bring a tote of fix-it items

2.    Take pics of all show docs and keep in phone, as well as contact info for show contacts

3.    Consider using a Brand Ambassador

4.    Memorize a script

From the opening questions to the quick description of your company or product, you should know what to say and say it the same way each time. This will help you be more efficient and not ramble on.

And have short, quick answers to popular questions. This takes planning and practice! It’s much easier to give long, rambling answers. Takes time to create short, succinct answers and statements. But it’s worth it!

5.    Ask someone’s name and then Use it

6.    Learn about the attendee first

7.    Avoid small talk

8.    Keep good notes

Last thing you want is to get back after a show with just a business card or contact info without any detail.

Whether its writing on back of a card, or in your lead retrieval program or however you’re collecting info, make good notes!

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