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Ep. 019 – How to use Marketing Automation for Maximum ROI! With Ryan Mansfield

Ep. 019: How to use Marketing Automation for max ROI! With Ryan Mansfield

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Sending emails to follow up with contacts you made at the last trade show can be a good method, but you don’t want to send the same email to every person. And you don’t want to have to manually send out personalized emails to potentially hundreds of people.

Marketing Automation can be the solution you need to meet all your needs, while making you more effective and efficient.

Today’s guest, Ryan Mansfield of Revolt Automation, walks us through powerful tips and tricks on how to improve your Return On Investment (ROI) at your next show, while saving you a ton of time! Best of all – you’ll get even better results.

Ryan also introduced us to several affordable or even Free technology tools to help you!

Here is the list of tools mentioned in the episode:

 — Hubspot (starting at Free!) –

Hubspot is an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for handling all of your customer and prospect information. And much more.

 — Woodpecker (starting at $40/mo) –

Woodpecker is an email tool that allows you to send text-only emails for follow-ups. They can be scheduled and sent when you want. Can also create multiple emails and send different follow ups to those emails based on how the person responds to your emails. Plus it gets sent right from your email account so it looks like you did it.

 — Zapier (Starting at Free!) –

Zapier is an automation platform that allows your apps to talk to each other and work together. Powerful tool!

 — Survey Monkey (starting at Free!) –

Robust survey creator that you can use on your website, in social media or in emails. Great tool to help you do research you need with customers and prospects.

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