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Ep. 016 – Unleash the Power of HAPPINESS – with Christina Unrein, Happiness Coach

Episode 016 – Unleashing the Power of Happiness – Interview with Christina Unrein, Professional Happiness Coach

Christina’s goal is to have people find their own happiness, and get to it a little bit faster on their own!

Q – Who is your ideal client?

A – People who are a little weird, with quirks, people who want to be themselves, and also the workaholics and people pleasers. Also I like working with people who want to be courageous and like to be with themselves – no matter what that looks like.

Happiness is a Continuous Choice. We have to stick with it!

Q – What experiences have you had at Trade Shows?

A – I’ve experienced just about every situation there is at shows. Being an exhibitor behind the booth, in front of the booth, walking around shows, and more.

Q – Do you see Happiness missing at Trade Shows?

A – I believe it has to be intentional for it to show up. It can’t be forced. You shouldn’t say, “We’ll just play music or have an ice cream social.” It has to be intentional for the attendees.

Should create a more personal environment rather than a “salesy” environment.

But its rare, especially in business because people are so focused on the results – getting badges scanned or business cards. Rarely do people create an environment to just have conversations – but in reality that is where happiness naturally comes out.

Q – How do you create the right environment for happiness? Especially in industries that are more “serious” like medical, legal, insurance, etc.?

A – Think about your audience and how overwhelmed they are. What are they experiencing at the show – long days, bad food choices, etc. 

Now think about what would give them energy and what would make them curious.

Then let them care about what they care about. Let them tell you by asking them questions. Get curious about them!

Ask them how best you can support them, because the answer might not be you! It might be you connecting them with someone else at the show. 

Be a Servant! Find out how you can help them, and they will remember it and may even refer others to you because you made them happier in some way.

Q – How do you get past the “I’m here to work, I’m here for my company, and I’m here to get results” mindset?

A – Start thinking I’m here to have fun, to meet people and add quality and energy to their lives. I’m here to learn and to grow. There’s all sorts of ways to change your mindset and to be intentional. 

One thing is to be Authentic so people get a good idea of who you really are.

Also – be curious!

And if the show is slow, meet the people in the other booths and find out how you can add value to them.

You already know what you know. Give yourself a chance to learn from others by being curious, asking questions, and then being silent to hear what they have to say.

Q – Tell us about your book!

A – The book is titled – The Happiness Workbook: Rise Up Happiness Soldiers! 


NOTE: You can get the Kindle version for FREE!!

One thing to know – I don’t like writing! So instead of copy heavy, it has a lot of exercises.

I took the concept in each short chapter and tried to apply it in the 5 ways most people learn: (1) By doodling, drawing or creating. (2) By movement. (3) By visualizing. (4) By speaking aloud. (5) By tearing the concept apart and rebuilding it. 

You can do as much or whatever you want, in whatever order you want.

Q – What do you say to those who are more reserved or intimidated by approaching others?

A – Identify things that you enjoy or bring you happiness. For those who enjoy working with their hands or building things,

Choose to bring those types of things into your booth and you will draw people to you because you are unique, authentic, and joy-filled.

People can see and feel you having fun, and they will get drawn in toward you. Share that joy with them.

This allows you to own your space and share your happiness!

Christina’s Take-aways:

(1) Show up as yourself! Do things your way. Know that it’s not so separate to be yourself and be engaging. Be Authentic!

(2) Be curious! Ask questions. 

(3) Try to build relationships instead of always selling.

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Get Christina’s book The Happiness Workbook: Rise Up Happiness Soldiers!

NOTE: You can get the Kindle version for FREE!!

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