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Drive more Attendee Traffic to your Booth with the Trade Show Booth Traffic Scorecard!

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A question I get often is... "How do I get more traffic to my booth?"

Don’t just expect that because you’re at the right show that people will be flocking to your booth!  You have to do some work on your end first.

I want to help you all out there!  So I have created the Trade Show Booth Traffic Scorecard.

This scorecard gives you 25 ways to get more attendees to stop at your booth - methods to use both before the show and at the show.

Each method has a point value attached to it.  Some have more points than others because some methods are just more effective than others.

What you’ll do is set a plan to get a higher score than what you did at your last show.  And I encourage you to push yourself to do more, try more than ever before!

When you get your scorecard, you’ll also get a link to a video which will go through the scorecard line by line with explanations and examples.

This can become one of the best tools you have ever incorporated for your trade shows – and it’s free (for now - so don't wait)!

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Then let us know how it made a difference for your business!